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The Kidnapping

July 17th, 2013 by and tagged

The kidnapping

Once in an ancient Greece temple. The sun shone down on the burning yellow sand and no breeze to be felt. Shiny tiled floor reflected things going by. The floor was covered in red rose. The place was happy but was not good like danger burning over people.

Jimmy was very poor he lived with his mom and dad .He was an animal lover he loved taking his dog for a walk on the beach. He would play ball with his dog for hours. Jimmy was walking down the beach when he noticed an eagle, the eagle leg was trapped under a rock. He got a big stick and he put it under the rock and pushed the rock over. Carefully he picked the eagle up the eagle flew away.

The beast gigantic body was as big as a tower. Red poisonous blood dripped off the end of his sharp teeth. His tail had sharp points that killed his prey. The beast breathed fire from his gigantic nose and mouth.

Later that afternoon Jimmy heard that the king had been kidnapped by the beast. Jimmy wanted to be a hero so he picked his heavy bag up and walked out the door for his Journey to the jungle.
Cautiously he walked down the dark path Jimmy looked up and saw something flying in the air. He looked very hard and it was the eagle it was holding something. The eagle dropped a pair of shoes that had wings that gave him the power to fly.

He came to a massive jungle he peered inside. Jimmy walked in and he looked to the side and there was the beast cave where the beast was lying. Jimmy lightly tiptoed onto the dark,wet cave he saw the beast guarding the king. Creeping toward the king the beast had been woken up the beast stood up as tall as he could. Then Jimmy grabbed meat then this eagle came flying in then He got his pocket knife and stabbed the beast. He dropped to the floor with a almighty roar.

After a bit Jimmy was tired of walking he looked down and he had his flying shoes on. He pressed the red power button and off he went into the sky. A couple of hours later he was in his village. Before he got to the centre he landed on the ground. He took his shoes of and tossed them to the side. He got to the centre and all the village was bunched together waiting for Jimmy’s arrival. He got there and everybody cheered and the king walked up to the new hero. He said to Jimmy and his family they could have what ever they wanted. Jimmy felt very happy and proud. Everyone could now sleep in piece.

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