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The Beast That Lived In The Castle

July 17th, 2013 by and tagged

The Beast That Lived In The Castle

On a wonderful island in Greece the sun was so hot and there was no cool breeze. The plants where a blanket of colour because they surrounded by water. The sun blazed down on the sand. Beautiful waves splashed in the distance glittering. There was a castle as big as trees growing to the sky. One day when everyone woke up things where not well, the land lost its colour.

Kaydence was a young girl but nobody knew her. Her job was to train animals to help her with her job to defeat the evil, sly man. She trained a tiger and took it for a walk. She saw a castle she knew this evil sly man. She met a young girl and her name was Katie she could not fight. It was a danger for her she was rich. she went in to the forest to get water because it was near to her because she feared the beast.

The beast had poison in his hands that slashed out like deadly darts? He had a human mask on his ugly face to trick people. On his hands he had claw that were sharp as blades that could be used as knifes. His eyes were always bloodshot especially when he was angry.

Later that day kaydence set off to kill the beast on a deadly mission. It was the only way to stop the beast from taking over the kingdom. She took her tiger to defeat the sly enemies stronger than her. She could smell cloudy, thick smoke in the air. She tripped over a stick and her legs turned invisible she got frightened. She thought it was the beast that set a trap. She grabbed the cape, all of a sudden she disappeared in thin air. She knew she didn’t need it.

Suddenly she saw a big rusty castle on the edge of an island. She put her cape of invisibility on and sneaked into the castle. She went up the uneven steps and there was a mission she had to find the password. She looked in every chest and found one that was locked. She looked every where she could. She then found out there was a number on her cape. She put the number in the chest then put the password in the door. She saw the beast with one of his weapons she sneaked behind him and killed him with one of his swords. Kaydence then set of home safely and told the people the beast was dead.

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