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The dark threat

July 11th, 2013 by and tagged

Once there was a beautiful land called Greece. In this land there was an exotic,adventures desert. All day long the sun blazed down on the burning sand. The palm trees looked as they were dancing in the strong breeze. All was happy but a great danger lay over the people like a dark threat.

Chris’s family were very poor they were isolated in their own house they felt like prisoners because they had a spell on their house. He hated the dark side of the desert brought beasts and ferocious attacks.

Chris remembered the day when they were rich. He also remembered when the terrifying beast stole there there treasure. When he got home his father told him that the deadly beast was back. He was after more precious treasure and more medicine. The people couldn’t live without medicine. That the beast stole from them.

The beasts teeth dripped saliva from its gigantic mouth. Horns that came out of his disgusting, hairy head were as sharp as a blade. Harshly he would dash poisonous darts in every direction. The power of the beasts lay over Chris’s family like death.

A few days days later at the crack of dawn. Chris started his journey with a heavy coat on his arms. As he travelled to the dark side Chris met an old fragile man. This man gave him a warning and handed out a pair of shoes. Cautiously Chris took the shoes and slipped them on. Some how the old man knew that Chris had to kill the beast to realise the spell. As Chris got nearer he got more anxious and scared. As soon as he crossed the dark side he heard screamed and shouting. Chris knew the harsh beast was hear he knew there was no going back.

Very slowly, Chris silently slipped his shoes on. As Chris stared at the best he knew this wasn’t going to be easy. In front of Chris’s eyes eyes was boiling pits of larva. Chris knew he had to trick the beast. All of a sudden the beasts head flung round. He must of heard Chris’s hart beating like one thousand drums. Chris jumped over the beasts side and in a flash he was back over his side. Suddenly the terrifying beast surged towards Chris within a blink of an eye Chris was face to face with the beast. He froze in fear but with relief he watched the beast disappears into the burning pits. To Chris’s relief he knew there was no more danger he could get what he came for the stolen medicine and stolen treasure.

Chris staggered out of the cave dripping with sweat he took off his shoes and cast them a side. He found an old cart to put the treasure on and set off back home. A few days later, Chris finally made it back. That night the whole village gathered in the centre of the the village and threw a massive celebration for the bests defeat. Chris was treated like a king. He felt ecstatic he knew this was the night he could get some rest in peace now the beast was slaughtered.

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