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Pie Corbett Writing Masterclass

July 11th, 2013 by and tagged , ,

Year 5 are really lucky to be working with an author this morning called Pie Corbett. Mr. Corbett will be working with us from a conference in Wales where over 100 delegates will be reading your writing.

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17 Responses to “Pie Corbett Writing Masterclass”

  1.   Pie Corbett Says:

    Hi there – we are ready – I am with 130 teachers in haverfordwest, pembrokeshire….


  2.   Abbie m Says:

    The dinosaur claws were sharp like a knife.


  3.   Abbie m Says:

    The boy was shocked as the shadow crept up behind him


  4.   Abbie m Says:

    Thank you mr Corbett


  5.   Joshua P Says:

    I think I have improved


  6.   Anthony T Says:

    This has helped me to us better punctuation and use stronger words also it has helped me to realise my full potential


  7.   Anthony T Says:

    Thank you mr corbett


  8.   Kierstonh Says:

    I have improve whith my sentens and my full stop and I have to jus avebs


  9.   Elle-JayH Says:

    I learnt how to write powerful sentences, how to use adverbs in my writing and how they are useful. Thank you Mr Corbett you’ve helped me improve in my writing.


  10.   SianW Says:

    I have learnt that mr Corbett has written over 200 books


  11.   Williamh Says:

    This has helped me to use bette punctuation plus how to use connectives properly


  12.   Ellie's Says:

    Thank you very much Mr corbett and I have learnt not to use words over and over


  13.   Dalton Says:

    Today it has helped me because Mr Corbett incoriged us to make are writting better.


  14.   Rhion Says:

    I think it was amazing its helped me a lot on describing things and helping me use better words.


  15.   Luis y Says:

    This has helped me to use better simules , better adjectives and longer storys


  16.   Rose H Says:

    Today Mr Corbett taught me to use stronger words and he helped me use more descriptive words.



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