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iPad Music Making

September 16th, 2012 by and tagged , , , , ,

After the success of last year’s ‘Leamore iPad Band‘, the current Year Fives have also began playing as an iPad band.

This year, there is a twist!

The Year Fives will be having weekly iPad band music lessons from John Baugh – a musician and teacher from the Forest Arts Centre.

We are excited to be working in collaboration with John in pioneering the first (*we think*) iPad Band music qualification in partnership with the London College of Music. John is experimenting with the traditional ensemble exam to see if it’s possible to create a GCSE-equivalent qualification specifically in iPad band music.

As you can see, the Year Fives are having a fantastic time learning how to play music on their iPads!

A huge thank you must go to John Baugh for his inspirational iPad music lessons!

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